I would propose that large population centers should have basic accomodation similar to that provided for service people to accomodate people who refuse to work.

Why is this idea important?

Why should someone who refuses to work be provided a comfortable life at tax payers expence. I agree that society has a duty to ensure that everyone is provided shelter and security. But as a tax payer why do I have to pay to provide a nice little 2 bed room flat to someone who is capable of fending for themself.

Also I belive this would provide motavtion to the work shy to get a job. There really is no motavtion to work if the things that you need to work for are provided for you.

If this is done correctly it would obviously save money on already streched dss budgets.

If it's good enough for the people who enlist in our armed forces it is good enough for anyone who refuses to work.

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