BBC DVDs & CDs – Why must we Pay Twice?

Since we have already paid for the TV and Radio programmes that the BBC produce via our Licence fee, why are BBC DVDs and CDs, purchaase prices so high and in a lot of cases charged at a premium?


I propose that all BBC TV Licence payers should be able to enter in their Licence number (or some form of validation around a licence number) and be able to purchase BBC Audio and Video products at cost (or near cost). Again since we have already paid for these in our license fees.


Terence Tyler, 6th Aug 10, Stevenage

Why does this idea matter?

I think it is a real scam by the BBC to effective charge premimum rates for Audio and video product, whe we have already paid for these in our licence fees. How can the Government support this unfair practice by the BBC?


Terence Tyler. 6th Augist 2010

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