Make no doubt about it – the BBC may produce high-quality programming, but at a huge cost – it is no overstatement to say it is the last great communist organisation in Britain, and an Orwellian one at that – the proles (us!) are FORCED under threat of criminal conviction to pay salaries, as has been recently revealed, of up to £18 million per employee.

It is allowed to compete absolutely unfairly against the other channels, with no requirement for advertising or public accountability.

Now, a lot of people are calling for the BBC to be scrapped or the licence fee to be scrapped or whatever.  However I propose an alternative:

There is an old saying "Ignorance of the law is no excuse."   This is of course offensive nonsense.  Thousands of people fall foul of the law simply because they were not aware of a change in regulation. 

My proposal is that the BBC should be forced to show as many adverts as the private channels, or at least a large minimum set by government.  These 'adverts' however would ALL be for public information, not for advertizing products.  Think of the possibilities:

* Inform of new laws coming in that would affect significant numbers of people

* Public safety reminders – household accidents , motoring safety etc.

* Inform of the real, medically-proven chemical damage caused by all kinds of drugs –  alcohol, cannabis, cigarettes, hard drugs etc.

* Promotions for charities

* Slots highlighting the plight of the disabled in a sensitive way

* Foster an understanding of diversity and of the less-advantaged.

* promotion of public responsibility and citizenship in general

* Contact bodies for emergencies

–> the possibilities are endless.   It should ALSO be up to an independent body funded by the elected government to control the direction of a majority of the content, not what the communists in charge of the BBC think we peasants ought to know, in order to put us into our places – it's very easy to see how a system could be abused for propaganda if not controlled by an independent body.

You could have light-hearted ones of course:

*  Give a thought for mum / dad today.

* promotion of healthy lifestyles


In addition, the salaries of anyone earning above, say,  200,000 at the BBC should be reviewed and allowed to shrink over a reasonable amount of time – I would say ten years is a good time to get all salaries under 200 grand.   If the 'stars'  (ha) want to clear off to ITV then let them.  There will be a glut and they will find they are not the superstars in demand they thought they were.  I'm sorry – but why shoud people like Johnathon Ross get £18 million pounds ahead of a hospital refurbishment /  a few wind turbines  /  childrens' charity / insert a good cause here ?  It's corrupt, communistic corruption.  It's a scandal.

But with the pay capped and by showing public service adverts (putting it on more of a level playing field with other channels)  will allow the BBC to remain in existence as a body whilst providing good value for money and a much-needed service to society.









Why is this idea important?

a) The criminal-offense-enforced funding and pay structure of the BBC makes the old African despots of the seventies look like amateurs.  It's a scandal they can get away with this.

b) Society is going down hill.   A monopolistic body like the BBC has to act as a body with massive social responsibility for the privilege of being funded by 'free money.'   If a hundred million people a week saw all the informational adverts proposed above, we would have far less crime, drink and drug problems, a more caring society.  It's a no-brainer.

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