Is it not a civil liberty to have freedom of speach and celebrate our countries customs without having to worry the local council is going to accuse us of being racist?

If we want to celebrate customs such as Easter and say we are English it is OUR right as British people. Surely the government should stop councils from offending the British by stopping them having that freedom? I was disgusted at the amount of councils last year that stopped putting up christmas decorations because it will offend. It offends us if they are not up.

The government needs to put some sort of guideline in place so that EVERYONE is happy not one or the other. At the end of the day we ALL live here and NOONES customs should be stopped or curbed. After all i thought we were a nation of EQUALITY.

I am all for legal immigration, but they have to respect everything that is british and what we celebrate, they cant expect us to change in our country, we dont expect them to give up their customs so why are we being made to by some councils and politicians?

Why is this idea important?

Because it means that everyone can be happy and have the freedom to celebrate and say who they are freely. Too many times we are told we cant say we are English. DO we not live in England?

Gving everyone the freedom under a set of guidelines will mean EQUALITY as well as the freedom of speach we are constantly having to curb.

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