The form for claiming disability living allowance needs completely revising. I would suggest that instead of asking claimants to complete the form that  the claim is made by the consulting specialist who has access to all medical records. This would help prevent fraud and prevent benefits being paid to anyone other than genuine claimants. It would also avoid the need to complete the horrendous forms which cannot judge the reality of every day life and restrictions of claimants especialy those of genuinely long term disabled people.

Also if a claimant has a permanent disability for example cerebral palsy why should they have to keep going through the process when their lives are never going to change and they will never be able to live unsupported.

I also think that Child benefit should only be paid for the first child. If people decide to have more children that is their decision. Not the State's responsibility to provide for them.

We should not be providing homes for teenagers who have a baby to get a flat. This is not a stereotypical comment but an observation of what is happening every day. The excuse of lack of sex education no longer exists. Children have access to sex education on television through soaps and magazines as well in schools. We have a society of children bringing up children with the same I want so must have mentality.

Why is this idea important?

The benefit system is in chaos. Benefits are paid to far too many people who could work. I DO NOT MEAN THE GENUINELY DISABLED.It is the professional disabled that need to be tackled.  I have recently heard of a case where a wet room was installed and a disabled vehicle provided for someone who is obese. Yes the person needs support and help but in the form of nutritional guidance not cash benefits.

A large proportionof our  Society thinks that everyone should be entiltled to have everything they want NOW.The economy of this country is broken.  The country needs a reality check. I hope that this government has the guts to provide it.


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