There is a regulation which I believe should be repealed.

Currently there is no right of appeal in respect to change your pay week-ending day or the change from weekly to fortnightly payments for benefit payments.

This is due to (regulations 20-24) of the Social Security (Claims and Payments) Regulations 1987 and paragraph 5(j) of Schedule 2 to the Social Security and Child Support (Decisions and Appeals) Regulations 1999.

This is not to create even more chaos into the benefit system, but rather to assist carers who have had their income support element of their benefits changed this week without consultation.

Anyone who is a carer ought to be able to stay on weekly payments, even better have both parts of their benefit paid on the same day to assist them.

The above regulation prevents this, it is grossly unfair – giving some carers £5.95 for 8 days to live on. The above regulation prevents an appeal and should, in itself, be repealed.

Thank you



Why is this idea important?

The reason for repealing this regulation is to allow carers to be given consideraton that they are not been given presently.

It is not appropriate in my opinion for carers to lack money for food. Carers save the state an a absolute fortune, like the advert says . . . no ifs or buts!

There are thousands of people that this regulation has affected. It is deeply unfair that this has happened. It should be put right for all the people who are carers, as well as the people who become so every week.

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