Stop allowing benefits to be paid to people that are not even living in this country.


"This week, ministers admitted that more than £1million a month in child benefit is going to the families of youngsters who live in the former Soviet bloc countries. It was the first time that Labour has acknowledged that the money – funded by British taxpayers – is being paid abroad. The revelation triggered a political controversy over the fact that the Government is paying for the upbringing of children who do not live in Britain and who may never even have set foot in the country. It also underlines how our generous benefits system acts as a powerful draw for migrant workers. Moreover, this largesse is open to widespread abuse. The Trajkowski family qualify for child benefit because their father works in London as a builder and pays his taxes. Like all migrants from the eight East European countries which joined the EU in 2004, he won the right to claim state benefits after working here for a year."

Complete article can be found ––mothers-Poland.html

Why is this idea important?

We have enough trouble monitoring the benefit system and making sure it is not abused in this country, let alone handing it out to foreign countries where there is little to no checks to see if the claims are genuine.

Not only is this a huge leak of public money that isn't going to British residents but also its money not returning back into the system through tax and through consuming and living in Britain

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