1. The maximum amount of benefit should never exceed 55% percent the average National salary which is currently approx 26K (pre tax) apart from incapacity benefit which would be a top up (means tested ) and child benefit but this would be capped.

2. Child benefit should not all be cash but should include vouchers for School clothes and School dinners.

3. People should be able work for up to 20 hours per week to top up their benefit without fear of losing it completely , which would not only add money and tax into the economy but would also help in training people and getting them off benefit completely.

4. People should be offered subisded public transport to assist them when working or looking for work.

5. Benefits should be dreased over a period of time at intervals so the incentive is to contine working.

6. Housing benefit should also only be for a period of time and then it's incorpated in to the main benefits so people don't just assume their given right for free housing for the rest of their lives.

7. People moving from 20 hours per week to full time employment would get a lump sum …to help with the transition of coming off benefits. They would still recieve subsided public transport for a given time.

8. People on benefits not actively looking for jobs, going for interivews and not taking jobs without a good reason would have benefits penalised for a period of time.

9. Child Benefit should only cover the first 3 children up to the age of 13. Any more kids thereafter should be the parents responsibilty.

10. Immigrants should only be entitled to the basic benefit and not as much as fully fledged citizens but ideally I would like us to follow our European neighbours whereby you can't claim them for 6 months. In Return ,they should be given temporary NI Cards and allowed to work until their application is processed.

Why is this idea important?

We need a clear distinction between the person who goes down the "Benefits Route" and the person who works with regards to financial wellbeing.

We all forgot that people on benefit also get exemption from council taxes , They get social Tarrifs for Gas and Electric and lots of other perks.

Infact in most cases, their disposable income far outweighs most people who work which I am sure all will agree is totally unfair and a legacy from the past governement and their left wing values.

We have one chance to sort this out once and it would be ashame if after this benefits reviews, it doesn't do enough to make work pay but keeps the current ideology of benefits pay.

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