There are currently about 50 different types of benefits people can claim. The current system is so flawed and open to abuse that the people who really need it , don't get enough and the people who don't , play the system and get more.

In alot of cases, The average family living on benefits has more disposable per month than the average working person. They also get housing, no council tax and all the other goodies thrown in.

My proposal :

1 – There should be a cap on the maximum amount any person can claim.

2 – Anyone claiming benefit must do x number of hours per week community work to get the entitlement. Alternatively , they can attend apprentership classes in order to claim it. No turn up…no money.

3 – When going for interviews , use Feedback from potential employers to see whether the applicant was genuine in trying to get a job or being rude so they don't get the job and stay on benefits. This can help determine whether their benefit should be cut.

4 – Having more kids shouldn't be a god given right for a bigger house and more money. If you can't afford kids, then don't have them. Why should the tax payer always pick up your bill !.

5 –  Child Benefit should either be for the first 2 kids only or only up until the age of 13.

6 – We should create zones because Job Seekers allowance would be more needed in areas where there is genuinely no work and more help should be given to the people here to find jobs. People in bad zones whereby there is no jobs, should get the help more than those in areas where the jobs are there, but people just wont do them.

7, In good zones – Job seekers allowance should be cut after a period of time extending to nothing at all if the applicant is blatantly not looking for work. 

8 – I was pleased to see the tax threashold go up but I think it needs to be more like 12K tax free or people just won't come off benefits.




Why is this idea important?

We need to make people wake up and smell the coffee. The days of the being on benefits all your life is over. I am sick to death of seeing the people in the house opposite doing nothing all day whilst I go out to work , pay my taxes and get very little in return.

I give you 2 examples of people I know .

Friend 1 – He suffers from MS is 37 years old and has never worked all his life. He gets a nice flat in London , spends all smoking weed and watcing cable and has just returned from a nice holiday in Costa Rica.. Oh yea he spent 5K getting his teeth done out there. Wonder how he afforded that ? He is perfectly capable of working but openning admitts that unless he's gets a 20K plus job, its not worth it because his benefits are so much to him.

Friend 2 – A nice house in Bristol with 2 Kids. Never worked although she has a degree in teaching and no intention of working . Again because the benefits and lifestyle is a no hassel existance..

 I am sure most people know somone or more …who plays the system.. 

Imagine how good our country could be if we stopped wasting billions.

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