Lets have one form for claiming all benefits and employ a system whereby the person assessing the form can action any benefits the applicant can claim.

Lets also have forms available at the post office, as well as online, by phone and by post – stop discriminating. How awful it must be for the elderly with everything computerised!

Lets have a human on the end of the line, who is able to converse on a reasonable human level.

Lets have a simple complaints proceedure e.g we can write a letter or email to complain to a central body.

Lets really move forward and treat the less fortunate as human beings with the same if not greater problems, fustrations and emotions as the rest of us. If we insist on treating people in such an inhumane way, then how can we expect a decent, respectful society to develop. Lets help lift not dump.




Why is this idea important?

To decrease the fustrations and complications of lives that are often hard enough. To bring about a respectful, helpful society/community. Treat as you would be treated.

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