All vehicles must display lights when moving at night. It's the law. Cars, lorries, motor bikes, mopeds, scooters etc all have lights built in: they cannot be marketed without them. Yet this does not apply to push-bikes.  But now we have the technology: LED lights take a tiny amount of energy and can easily be powered by the bike's wheels and incorporated into the bike's frame.  At present, bike riders who are consiencious enough to buy lights have to remove them when the bike is parked, or they risk being stolen. It baffles me why the manufacturers haven't come up with this idea themselves – a real USP!

Why is this idea important?

You can be prosecuted for riding a bike without lights after dark; you can be taken to court if you knock down someone who is riding a bike without lights, and spend taxpayers' money trying to prove your case. There's the cost to the NHS treating accident victims. Cyclists are safer when they have good lights – I have noticed that on a wet winter's night an unlit cyclist literally disappears amid the glare of car headlights and wet reflections – they don't realise how invisible they are.

We are trying to encourage greener methods of transport and better health: cycling ticks both boxes, but only if cyclists don't get knocked down! Make incorporated front and rear lights mandatory on cycles, as they are on motor bikes etc.

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