Bicycles (pedal bikes, push-bikes, whatever you like to call them) should be given a VAT exemption similar to books, food and children's clothes. Bicycle helmets should also be exempt.

Why is this idea important?

The government should encourage cycling by cutting the cost. Cycling is green and good for the national waistline, as well as the national mood. Scrapping VAT on bike helmets would give an added boost to the national health.

I am not an economist, but I bet this would not be expensive. Probably 1 penny on the cost of a pint of beer would cover it several times over.

6 Replies to “Bicycles should be exempt from VAT”

  1. YESS! Everything that is healthy , eco friendly and important should be free from TAX. Healty Vegetables, fruit etc, excercise. Tax should be for luxuries and wasteful things like.. patio heaters, air fresheners, motor vehicles, electricals, aeroplane journeys etc. If anything they should SUBSIDISE healthy things with taxes on UNHEALTHY things like unhealthy takeaway, sweets, processed food, lazy food .

  2. Cyclists pay no road tax so paying a tax on the cycle they buy is their contribution in some way towards road repairs

    1. Here we go again. No one has paid road tax since 1937 when it was abolished by Churchill to prevent motorists thinking they pay for an own the roads which are paid for from general taxation and incidentally, by millions of people who do not thereby subsidising those who do.

    2. Cyclists pay the same “road tax” as drivers of cars like the Toyota Prius and Porsche Taycan. Zero.

  3. At least cut VAT to minimum, to say its basic mean of transportation with low impact to environment

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