Sometime ago Labour came up with the idea and a new law for boat skippers. No not for commercial skippers just ordiary people on their canal boat or on their holidays on a boat. The person who is classed as the skipper must now when in charge of the boat, which is always 24 hours when you are aboard must stay within the same alcahol limit as a car driver when sippering any pleasure craft with the 3 mile limit. So all the new criminals that go on there holidays on the Norfilk Broads ,Canals etc or dare to sit on their boat and have a can of beer need to watch out, big brother is coming. Let us not forget those 4 mph canal racers who must be such a problem to society that there are even plans for a special police force to combat them. However those 80mph Jet Ski riders who have probably been the only people to kill anyone with there Watercraft are exempt. This law should be scrapped, those who cause a problem with exesive drinking can still be dealt with by use of existing laws. It is against the law to be drunk in charge of virtualy anything.

Why is this idea important?

This law makes ordinary people into criminals and removes civil liberties and could damage the economy the parts of the country such as Norfolk who relay on people holidaying on boats. Would you pay good money for a holiday and then not drink because you may be prosecuted.

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  1. There is no requirement for this law. There is no evidence that drinking whilst boating causes problems in the recreational boating sector. What evidence there is suggests that people are more likely to injure themselves than others. Jet Skis are a separate issue and are not covered by this law. Enforcing the law would be a costly nightmare. In effect, it is unenforceable and so would have no deterrent value.

    The recreational boating community does not give its consent to this law. No other population group is affected. Consequently, this is not policing by consent.

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