Gordons' browns decision to make nude body scanners compulsory, rather than offering the option for a pat-down was excessively draconian. Furthermore government should realise that they do not work because the rays are reflected by skin including leather. 

Why is this idea important?

Scanned poeple can still get objects onto a plane, by hiding them under leather undergarments. Only a pat down can detected such objects. This means that if airport staff think someone should be scanned and the scan is clear, that person should be patted down as well, in case they are hiding objects under leather under garments. But such a double search is obviously too draconian. Therefore of the two measures, pat downs are a much more accurate way of detecting objects. 

The sellers of body scanners have kept very quiet about this simply flaw in the effectiveness of scanners, which basically makes them useless, because they work by reflecting rays off skin – including leather. Fact is they are not fit for purpose. So governments and airports should stop putting their faith and money in body scanners and offer a pat-down alone or or as an option. Pat downs are simply more accurate and therefore secure. 

The current attempt to improve the privacy of scanners, by programming them to spot hidden objects, without a live viewer, won't work either. Either way, all it takes to fool a naked body scanner is for the person to hide objects under leather undergarments which scanners perceive as skin. 

The use of naked body scanners has introduced a serious security loop hole into airport security, that will allow terrorists to breeze through security undetected with anything they want. They don' t even have to hide anything in their bodies thanks to the use of scanners.  They won't  even be patted down so the situation is now even easier for them potential terrorists.  Body scanners are what the security industry calls security theatre. They give the impression of security without actually providing or improving it. Basically they make security look good, but are useless.  

Can somebody please,  inform the government and airports, that body scanners lesson rather than improve security, before someone dangerous gets plane. Scanner have made flying alot less safe as well an increasingly undignified and unhealthy experience.  This needs to be changed as soon as possible. 

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