You fear the word discapline, and are so soft shoe with first time prisoners,

its no wonder they re-offend.

take a leaf from the US books.Boot camps, for first offenders.make them do whatever army? cadets do.make them work, being peoples gardens or building walls.anything except letting them play pool ,games and watch Tv inside.For them it's a holiday camp apart from their freedom so are not afraid to re-offend.If? necessary take them out in the middle of nowhere teach them respect by making them work for the crimes they have commited.

I don't believe youngsters would want to go back in boot camps as quickly if they had to work? and if they didn't then TV and games would be confiscated for a period of time, and them left in cells alone with no recreation.

Its obvious your way is not working.In my day a clip round the ear would have been enough but they would probably hit back now, they have no respect.Teach them respect by them earning it,not playing at holiday camps in young offenders.

Why is this idea important?

I believe once youngsters learn respect and have to work for their crimes,instead of playing

eventually there will less and less re-offenders.Stop the soft shoe tactics.

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