I think that this law is old fashioned and out dated.  Regardless of what weapon is used to kill an animal it is still just as dead. 

It's legal for someone to shoot a rabit/other vermin with a air rifle which fires a tiny pellet at less than 11fps yet it's illegal to shoot anything with a crossbow which fires a bolt which is much heavier and travels upwards of 80fps.  It seems clear that crossbows are more capable of killing animals than air rifles therefore the animal will not suffer.

Perhaps one could argue that using a longbow could lead to decreased accuracy and therefore leading to more non-lethal -cruel- shots however crossbows are highly accurate and highly reliable.  If this law isn't fully revoked then I think it is a good idea to at least amend it to allow crossbows to be used for hunting.

I find this site one of the greatest steps towards a true demoncracy that this country has taken in the last century.

Why is this idea important?

I believe my idea is important because when there are laws that seem ilogical then one is forced to conclude that the government perhaps isn't capable of dictating the laws.  If a man sees one law that makes no sense then surely he must question the validity of more important laws. 

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