As a Council resident,I have been the victim of the Breaching of the Data Protection Act by a Council Worker in October 2009.

I complained to the Council and a process of enquiry was apparently gone through,but as this was all determined by the Council involved I lost of course even though there was a witness who heard every word this person stated and wrote to the Council confirming it.

This was thrown out because the "witness" made himself invisible to the worker and myself.Even in a Court of Law this is Fact,that a witness doesn't have to be visible to anyone to confirm what he had heard,so what is the difference?

8 Months on and have just discovered that the Council worker has been Promoted,while I am still suffering from this personal insult.

I will fight on of course,but if a Government Body has a Complaint against it,then investigations should be carried out by a Neutral Party/Parties and not an internal investigation!

Yes,I went to the Ombudsman and that was a complete waste of time because all she read was what the Council had written,and came back as "Inconclusive"!

Data Protection means exactly what it say's,and yet a Deputy Area Manager gets off scott free and gets a Promotion for her trouble.

As pensioners,we cannot afford to get this to Court,so maybe you should amend the DPA to protect the innocents who have worked all their lives.

According to the Council,there is NO DATA TRAIL with Saffron,so time to make sure that there is a Data Trail in the very near future.

After all,anyone can get access to anyone's records which are Private and Confidential apparently.

Why is this idea important?

Councils close ranks and cover up gross misconduct by their workers,and I am proof of this happening as the Council Worker lives next door but one to me.She revealed Benefits we are on,she revealed Pension Credit my Husband gets,she revealed everything exactly that my husband claims for and as this is not public knowledge,how did she know?

I am a Neighbourhood Watch Street Co-ordinator,and this flagrant abuse has been carrying on for at least 3 years,when she got the Council to have a vehicle moved so that she could park a Huge Camper Van in it's place.

Corruption is rife since this person has resided here,and it's time to sort this irregularity out quick smart.

Councils are just ordinary people,but the way this has been handled makes democracy laughable.

Data Protection is vital,so now it's time to amend the old ways and do the right thing by honest,hard working people in their later lives.

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