I want to able to state that my nationality is English rather than the generic British.  To be able to fly the English flag without fear of being told to remove it,  I want to be proud of my nationality & not marginalised because of it. 

Why is this idea important?

The British Isles are made up of 4 countries, England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.  Yet England is not recognised.  Had I been born in Scotland, Ireland or Wales, I would be entitled to call myself either Scottish, Irish or Welsh.  However, I was born in England and have to class myself as British for fear of upsetting anyone.  Nationality is dictated by place of birth, not by the colour of your skin or your religion.  Scotland, Ireland & Wales are all made up of various people from different backgrounds and religions yet they do not have to be British.  This is just another form of discrimination, turning hard working people towards the loony radical parties who have realised that English people wish to be recognised as just that.  English.  Not British, Welsh, Scottish or Irish, English.  I want to be entitled to an English passport and driving licence.  I want to be able to state English on all the various forms that we are now required to complete to get anything from job seekers to an eye test.  The government states that they want to stop marginilsation and discrimination, but they allow it against those of us that were born in England.  They want to prevent people having their heads turned by radicals, but accept no part in the process.  Give me and the millions of others born in England our nationality back.  Now.

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