There is too much night light now. The old fashioned lamps were good enough and did not shine through window curtains keeping people awake. They are hideous, too tall and better on motorways and busy 24 hour traffic roads. Bring back the old, graceful lamp lights. The present ones use too much electricity, kill trees, which need to emit carbon and take in oxygen. This doesnt help with the global warning problem. Also, what about the trees and the wild birds? The big beautiful tree near me which has a new lamp under its branches, is dying. There are a few big lamps around where I live. They shine in my windows forcing me to wear an eye mask at night and other people I know have said that they shine in their windows and, unless they use something like a war blackout curtain cant keep the glaring light out! Is this really necessary? How wonderful it was for me to stay by a truly remote Cornish beach earlier in the year and open my window at night upon TRUE darkness again!! Let night BE night as it was once. There is too much artificial light everywhere now, especially in the cities. 24 hour lighting is not Eco – friendly.

Why is this idea important?

Night must be night. Like day becomes night so does Spring turn to Summer and then Autumn and then Winter. Why not let it be natural. Why must human beings interfere with these things. We need peace sometimes and also darkness. The orange glow lights which the councils install everywhere really DO cause insomnia and interfere with sleep. I cant help wondering sometimes if it disturbs birds and other creatures in sleep or even hibernation. Im not convinced that the orange glow is so necessary to prevent crime. It certainly has made no difference where I live!

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