I think the number of prisoners in our jails has gone beyone belief and it seems that when you let them out – within a few months they are back in.

Bring back hanging.  With all the modern scientific ways of proving from DNA that someone has committed the crime.  All paedo's, murders and people that take another persons life should have the dealth penalty given as the sentance.

With the overcrowded country, full of immigrants that we have no history of, coming over here and committing some horrendous crimes – they should simply be shot.

Ian Huntley should of been given the death penalty as it is costing thousands to keep him in jail.  And as for his so called girlfriend well she was given thousands of pounds and a new identity to carry on their lives without much guilt is disgusting.



Why is this idea important?

This country simply cannot afford to pay for these samples of society to be kept alive.  What is a prison sentance now, nothing a bit of holiday for your long term crook.  Three meals a day is also wrong, they should simply be given bread and water. 


It makes our country, this proud nation look like an easy touch.

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