Bring back hard labour for those sentenced to greater than 3 months in jail.

Why is this idea important?

This would help inmates be of use to society and learn the values of hard work, rather than just languishing in their "hotel" style prisons.

Also they might learn skills which they could use in the outside world once released.

This would increase the availability of manpower, reduce the labour costs and increase the speed on maintenance of roads, railways and other infrastructure etc.

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  1. my thoughts exactly. Another point is this:instead of giving them all facilities like tv, gym and others, why not give them only to those that choose to work?. For instance let say that hard labor is reinstated for those that have convictions longer than a year. (I do not agree with your term of 3 months) If someone has less and wants to have tv in the room let him work for it. Having tv costs money. Also a gym costs money. Also prime food costs money. In most prisons the food is better than that affordable by many hard working people. That is not fair.

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