Bring back National service


Anyone leaving school aged 15 onwards has to join the military either RAF Army or Navy for 3 years service this will help control the yobs on the streets even if they are disabled they must join and be put through a a training course to help them in the outside world and also help in their own abilities although no armed combat for disabled unless proved fit.


Anyone who continues through school may do so but must complete the course they are studying and any failings then they are sent to the military this will stop the dodgers from dodging.

Those who do well and continue on in education will then be suitable for good jobs when leaving school college or uni


I would also recomend doing prison the american style none of this namby pamby stuff for hard timers like games consoles they should be on the streets in chain gangs building roads buildings and cleaning the streets if they have done the crime then make them do the time and put of want to be robbers and gangsters and drug dealers

Why is this idea important?

It will help the economy by straightening out all the yobs intent on destroying what we have worked to build and maming innocent people and give those lacking the control they need to live good lives and will save money and resources from many departments of government


the second is it will make people think twice before commiting a crime

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