The Death Penalty should be mandatory for convicted paedophiles and premeditated murderers.  No one who harms a child or kills another human being has any human rights and should never have the opportunity to repeat their crimes.  With modern forensics and technology there should be 100% certainty of guilt and therefore no chance of any innocents wrongly convicted.  There should be a right of appeal and then, if the sentence is upheld, it should be carried out swiftly within 6 months.  The death penalty doesn't reduce crime in the States because you can die of natural causes on death row before the State gets around to executing the sentence and is therefore, no deterrent.  

Why is this idea important?

It would prevent the criminal from committing more crimes.  Paedophiles cannot be "cured" and therefore will be freed to destroy more childrens lives.  The tax payer has a big enough burden without paying to keep these people in prison.  It would free up space in prison and allow for longer and more appropriate sentences for other serious criminals. It would be a deterrent to other would be criminals.

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  1. if anyone is prepared to commit an act of violence which lead to someone being fatally wounded, they should receive the possible loss of their own life as punishment.
    as the good book says, an eye for an eye etc.

    I am feeling increasing agony about our punishment system, which is becoming rather soft and not fit for purpose………..we need to lay the rules down and stick to them

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