Apart from saving money housing/educating/feeding/rehabilitating etc these criminals it will bring closure to those who have lost loved ones. 

The death penalty should apply to those who cause the death of another by violence whether it be premeditated or caused by drugs/on behalf of a third party or sexual (rape).

Our society has given a free ticket to all those who have no regard for our historical values of fairness and freedom so why should we protect and pamper them when they seek to destroy our society by their actions. 

Why is this idea important?

Why waste our taxes on housing people who have no regard for society's values and norms. 

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  1. I have done jury service. The way this works means that not only the guilty are convicted. You cannot be 100% certain of guilt.

    A lot of jurors are not intelligent enough to understand what is going on and cannot assimilate evidence. Many fail to comprehend the procedure.

    The way in which jurors arrive at their verdict is not disclosed so errors cannot be corrected.

    If the death sentence were reinstated, innocents would be put to death for certain

    It is therefore obvious that the death sentence is WRONG!

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