Leave all this risk assessment baloney to professional safety advisers and give us work folk some lists of do’s and don’ts.

When you ask a health & safety professional for some advice you can almost guarantee that their first question will be: “Have you done an assessment?”

No I haven’t – I just want someone to tell me simply what’s allowed and what isn’t. Is that too much to ask for?

We all knew where we stood with the old Factories Act, with lists of the things we had to do. Now I’m not so sure, everything seems to be a ‘judgement call’ on whether you think you’ve done enough.

 If you’re not sure and do too much you get caught up in the ”‘elf n’ safety gone mad” camp. On the other hand if you do too little then you leave yourself open to prosecution (in the unlikely event that you get caught) …, or increased premiums  from your insurance company (more likely)

 You’d think there’d be enough safety people around to rustle up some lists for us to follow. Don’t even think about playing your ace and saying we’re the best people to do the assessments as we understand the work and what it entails. Come and spend a bit of time with us so that you can understand too – then write us list of the things we need to do to stop us from hurting ourselves.


Why is this idea important?

Remove the confusion about what we are and are not allowed to do and bring back some straightforward workplace rules.

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