I believe I should be able to decide for myself what sort of light bulb I purchase and can use in my home. The recent ban on the traditional pearl incandescent light bulbs is a severe restriction of my civil liberties. I am not convinced that in terms of overall environmental impact that energy saving bulbs have yet been proven to be better. In fact we have a number of them in our house that after a fairly short life are proving to be very poor performers. “The new ones are fine” so I am told. But that's not the point, if I am to replace the expensive defective energy savers now after a few short years I might as well have used the incandescent which come with none of the apparent risks and disposal problems of the early energy savers.

And many of my light fittings are unsuitable for the new energy savers, which simply don't fit within the shades in some cases, and make my dimmer switches obsolete as well, leading me to more expense and environmental impact in sourcing and installing replacements.

Why is this idea important?

I believe this law to ban our traditional light bulbs is one step too far in the continuing battle to make us all go greener. I don't believe the alternative technology is as safe, or as convenient, and in the long term of proven benefit yet.

This should be my choice to make and not that of Government.

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