Not many members of the public know but Land Certificates (Title Deeds for registered land)have been abolished. All that exists now is a record of ownership at the Land Registry and copies of the register are the only proof of ownership. 

Most people had a great sense of pride when having paid their mortgage for 25 years or so they were then handed their deeds. Whoever complained that deeds were a problem?  Lenders do not wish to store them and arrangements could be made for  Charge Certificates (deeds where a mortgage exists) to be stored on line, but where there is no mortgage surely it makes sense to issue Deeds (Land Certificates) again?

Since the abolition of Title Deeds the Land Registry has paid millions in compensation for fraud. If Deeds were reintroduced fraud would be minimal thereby saving the government a fortune and restoring confidence in Land ownership again.

Who thought deeds were such a problem and what has been achieved by destroying them? Only fraud and millions of taxpayers money being paid out in compensation claims.


Why is this idea important?

My idea is important because since the abolition of deeds fraud at the Land Registry has escalated and it will only increase as the fraudsters become more aware of how to do it. If a land owner is in possession of his deeds this almost certainly means that he is the owner the Land. As it stands now anyone can pretend to be the Registered owner of the Land if they are so inclined. Who decided to abolish deeds and why? The public were not consulted and what has it achieved other than millions paid out in compensation for fraud. A total waste of money which is avoidable.

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