MP's who behave inappropriately by point scoring off the opposite benches, cat calling, making jokes and generally behaving as if they are at a chimps tea party rather than in the place where the laws of the land are crafted, should be fined £1000 per offence, proceeds to go to the treasury.

After, say, ten such fines have been imposed on any one MP, then that MP is deemed to have demonstrated they are unfit to hold such a high office and will return to their constituency where an election for their seat will be held, they may of course stand again for re election but their prior record may count against them.

Why is this idea important?

The people, well me at least, are sick to death of "Yah boo" politics.

We vote for our elected representatives to give us a voice in parliament, seeing the people we elect to such high office behave like small children, by name calling, cat calling, making jokes and ridiculing those in the opposite benches. Rather than getting on with the serious task of government by debating points they disagree with and coming to a consensus, does not inspire confidence that the people we elected are up to the job we put them there for.

You are there to run the country to the best of your ability on behalf of, and for the benefit of the people of the country.

Behaviour just short of an actual bun fight is not appropriate behaviour for people we have entrusted with the task of crafting the laws of the land.

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