Under the Electricity Supply Act 1989, Re-Sellers/Re-suppliers of Electricity do not come under the control of some sections of The Act. This means that a Re-Seller/Re-supplier can, at any time and without giving a reason disconnect any of it's consumers because they are outside of the restraints of The Act, it also means that a Re-Seller/Re-Supplier does NOT have to keep a register of VULNERABLE PERSONS which allows them to disconnect supplies during the WINTER MONTHS.

Under the Electricity Supply Act 1989 a Registered Supplier of Electricity MUST apply to a Magistrate for permission to disconnect a consumer and MUST keep a register of VULNERABLE PERSONS who must be kept supplied with electricity throuout the winter months.

I think it is a matter of urgency that ALL suppliers of electricity be brought within The Electricity Supply Act 1989.

Why is this idea important?

I think my idea is important in that it would give the same protection to consumers who receive their electricity from a Re-Sellers/Re-Supplier into line with the protection given by The Act to those consumers who receive their supplies fron a Registered Supplier of electricity

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