Make it compulsorary for schools to provide extra ciricular sports programs with constructive training programs run by suitably qualified coaches, and competative fixtures against other local schools. The cost being covered by goverment but hopefully supported by sponsorship from buisness.

Obviously the size of the school would dictate what would be appropriate to provide, a small village school would struggle to put together a football team but the large schools in our towns and citys should be able to provide a range of team sports and athletics for puplis to train and compete in.

Why is this idea important?

I remember being at school and there was lots of sports facilitys, like a basketball court, football/rugby pitch access to a local gravel park, an array of athletics equipment such as javelins and hurdles however this equipment was rarley ever used with the exeption of the PT lessons, there was a football team but it was run by the tech' teacher when he could afford the time and I don't remember them playing very often (I actually never seen the javelins come out of the store but perhaps thats understandable.). It seems a shame that those facillities where available but not taken full advantage of.

The benifits of sport are well documented Increased fitness, physical and mental health, and confidence among many more.

Also there is a shortage of affordable activities to keep young people occupied and entertained, resulting in part in the anti social drinking culture amoungst sections of our youth, providing extra ciricular sports for all children will offer an alternative healthy lifestyle and hopefully a reduction in youth anti social behaviour.

Finally there is the added national pride as improvement in grass roots sport would surley provide improved results in the profesional club and more importantly international levels.


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