My idea is that Britain should withdraw from the Common Fisheries Policy and re-establish control of our 200-mile exclusive fishing Zone.

Why is this idea important?

The Common Fisheries Policy has been disasterous for the British Fishing Industry, coastal communities and the wellbeing of one of our most precious natural resources. Withdrawing from the Common Fisheries Policy would allow us to police and monitor our own 200-mile exclusive fishing zone. We could then stop the criminal dumping of thousands of tons of fish every year, which not only reduces fish stocks but pollutes the marine environment. It would allow us to stop foreign fishing fleets plundering and laying waste our waters, stop the scandalous criminalisation of honest fishermen and allow the British fleet to recover and prosper thus increasing employment and boosting our struggling economy, allowing coastal communities to rebuild their economies and protect their natural resourses. The rebuilding of our fishing industry and the proper environmental management of fish stocks can only be good for our country and that should be the aim of each and every one of our politicians. So for the good of the nation , withdraw from the Common Fisheries Policy immediately.

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