Remove the use of 'reciprocal arrangements' and other unnecessary barriers (some of questionable legality), currently preventing the upgrading of UK tax-paying, expatriate British citizens' State Retirement Pensions.

Why is this idea important?

Speaking personally – I pay UK income tax.   I receive a pension upgrade during visits to UK, EU and other 'approved' countries – strange examples are USofA, yes; Australia,no.

It would seem important  to revamp regulations applicable to expatriate British citizens, especially with reference to medical care, prescription medicines and travel passes during visits to UK. After all, we still have the right to vote.

I have been advised, offically, that it would cost around 440 million pounds per year to bring all expatriate State Retirement Pensions up to legal level.  This is a considerable amount of Government (taxpayers') money, I admit but, it would be going to expatriate British citizens, the majority of whom will have been contributing to the kitty over the past 20-plus years.

Why is my idea important?  Each year, a few more expatriate British citizens will head to the Big Retirement Centre in the sky without having benefited by one New Penny from the British Government in terms of State Retirement Pension.

Let's see some action now.

Best wishes to all at Westminster.

Peter W. McLean

Caracas – Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

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