I am a British national who has lived in India for a total of 50 years. I tried several times to get naturalization as an Indian citizen but I was refused every time, with no reason given. They simply refused to consider my appliction or give any explanation for their refusal. Contrast that with the large number of Indian immigrants who got naturalization in U.K. within a few years. Why is it that the British Government either cannot or does not insist on reciprocal rights for British national from the countries where they wish to migrate?  Why are the British so generous with foreigners coming into U.K., but give no care or thought to the plight of people like me who want to go the other way? Do they not realise that one day their own children may want to emigrate and not be able to fulfill their desire? Signed, John Robert Thwaytes

Why is this idea important?

My idea is important because if the British people do not protect their rights in regard to foreign countries, these rights will gradually be whittled away bit by bit until the day comes when all our opportunities in regard to foreign residence cease to exist, and we will become fenced into our corner of the world with little scope to participate in the adventures and ventures that demand a wider field of endeavour. 

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