Prostitution is never going away so lets accept it and try to at least get the girls off the street. It is not agaist the law to sell your body for money as long as you do it in your own home but it is if you sell it on the street or if you run or work in a brothel. Surely it would be better if these girls were in a safe and secure supported living environment where they would receive medical, emotional, financial, educational, employment, drug rehabilitation and social support and cut the pimps out entirely. They could continue to work in this environment if they wished and save to get out of this industry and get their lives back on track.


I can't help  but feel society just turns their back on prostitutes, most of whom have been bullied, manipulated and hooked on drugs from a very young age and find themselves trapped in a horrible world.

Why is this idea important?

To stop unnecessary danger to street workers and avoid another Ipswich scenario


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