Current UK building regulations are fragmented and written in language that is entirely opaque to the general reader – regulations for stairs for example, are split between three approved documents. An inordinate amount of time must be spent referring and re-referring to the regulations, trying to decipher the arcane text and taking into account yearly additions to their complexity, this is a waste of my time and my client's money…

The building regulations need to be simplified, condensed, and standardised: they should be an un-changing statement of common sense, written in a clear and simple way.

Why is this idea important?

Building regulations are important, we must have standards. To give builders and householders the best chance of achieving standards, they must be clear and simple. In many cases the adherence to the regulations is decided by the whim of individual building control officers, with a great deal of time and money being spent in the public sector to support them, and time and money spent in the private sector spent contacting them.

If we are to achieve "zero-carbon", we need clear and simple guidance for compliance if we are not to run into a mire of problems, and the death of the smaller contractor and individually designed buildings because so much time has to spent decoding legalese.

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