Bring back cis, The big firms have a strangle hold over tradesmen their one sole aim is money no real consideration for the standard of work or its employees . When local firms won contracts they cared about their work and wanted to keep it and make a good name for itself. Smaller contractors always employed youngsters you very rarely see young lads learning a trade which is bad for our industry . The last goverment invented the cscs scheme to make money ,its all about image when it should be focus on standard. the only way to get standards back up where they should be is to reintroduce the clerk of works and employ mangers who have trade experiance. I have been on jobs where a local authority or housing associaton has paid out thousends for work to be done when hand over day comes a housing officer turns up with no trade experiance to inspect and pass it and the standards have been so bad because of mangement pushing you to finsh ,if a clerk of work was to inspect the work most of it would be condemed .The big firms have become a carbon copy of the nhs to many pen pushers and managers with no knowlage of what its like to be on the tools and how jobs should be run properly .

Why is this idea important?

you need to improve the building trade and make it a worthwhile job you used to be able to earn a comftable living know you scatch a living . british tradesmen looking to escape the trade and if thing dont improve in the near future so will i after 28 years in the job i can now earn the same money doing less skilled work which is a lot less demanding

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