At the moment, if bullying takes place in a school, students can bully another, including doing assault, GBH section 20, GBH section 18 (with malicious intent), ABH, Battery and all sorts of crimes again and again everyday, and because it happens in the school, it, by law, is not a criminal matter, therefore the Police Authority, and the Courts cannot prosecute bullies.

This causes students to take advantage of the law, by abusing others, and they will not be prosecuted and they will get away with it, only because it took place on the school grounds.

Also, at this time, there is only one thing which ensures the safety of all students in schools. This is the school's Anti-Bullying Policy. This is often a statement of what enforcement teachers and Headteachers will take with bullies to make them stop bullying. By law, every school must have one. However, a lot of the time, teachers and headteachers do not enforce it.

It is not right that if a crime happens on one part of the Earth, it is treated differently to if it had happened on another part of the Earth.

Officials, I would like you to delete the law which makes a crime such as bullying not to be treated as a crime if it happens in school, the workplace, university and so on, but make a law which makes bullying, wherever, whenever it happens into a crime.

As mentioned above, students, and very sadly corrupt teachers and headteachers do not enforce the Anti-Bullying Policies they write, and often encourage bullying and a victim can be suffering so long, and you must all know that there are too many (one is one too many) school bully victims sitting in Psychiatric Hospitals, in their teen years, on tablets, without their many years of memory and sectioned. Many young adults are sectioned. Why? Don't think they took drugs, or had no sleep and had a bad home life. No, they were bullied in school for years and no one did anything, so they ended up insane and with all of this stress, they break down. Bullying happens in every school. Don't leave it to the school, make all bullying a crime.

It is not fair that anyone is bullied, and teachers and headteachers encourage this. And those victims are then made disabled by being bullied, are not able to sit their exams, whilst the bullies have their sanity and take their exams, happilly and get away with it, with no prosecutions against them.

All parents must know, that their children have very sensitive minds, and need a healthy life at school to develop. Often this is not the case, and teachers sometimes bully the students as well. This is, by either backing the bullies or by bullying the victim themselves.

Insanity is a type of disability, whereby one stays sick for many decades. It is very sad, some people die whilst insane. If the Government Officials stop this, and listen to my proposal, our bully victims, including the working population (as it happens in the workplace too), school students, teachers, and so on will be protected and those who are the culprits will be punished. This must be so as it is fair on everyone.

I know too many cases, if you watch the news. People, some teenagers, and some younger than ten years old, take their own lives. How can this be fair? I can guarantee you, in these cases, that they were bullied and nothing was done about it. Put the bullies in jail, give the victim compensation. And that is that. Even if this does not happen, remember, there is another court, that NO ONE CAN ESCAPE, it is The Court Of The Lord Almighty, and will take place on The Day of Ressurection. I'll see you there.

Written by Faraha Mehmood

Aged 18.

Why is this idea important?

My idea is SO IMPORTANT. You cannot let this go. Ask any Psychiatrist, how many people are suffering from mental illness because they were or are being bullied. If, in a school, someone becomes insane, then this MUST mean that they were bullied, and teachers were involved, and if you believe they weren't, then think that how could they child become like this. So this is on a Humanitarian basis. It would cost the Government less, too, as less Local Education Authorities will not have to pay compensation to neglected and bullied school children who have been made disabled. If you don't do this, then you yourselves are making a generation of tyrants, called bullies. If a child bullies, then their parent must be given parenting lessons. These lessons should comprise of them learning that they should teach their child to respect and love others, to respect their race, culture and religion.

Written by Faraha Mehmood

Aged 18.

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