If someone invades your home illegally you currently have the right to use 'reasonable force' – however this is highly subjective and quite frankly insane.

If someone invades your home or property with the intent to perform a criminal act then they should lose all rights.

Homeowners should not be threatened or feel threatened to use whatever means necessary to defend their home, and their families. Home invasion can create genuine stress in people, and 'knowing reasonable force' is not something that they should be expected to do under such circumstances. Acting under extreme duress can produce behaviour that is most out of character and should not be penalised in any way.

This behaviour was a result of an illegal and threatening action and is not, and should not, be considered a crime or allowed to be subject to any civil law suits.

Instead, whatever happens to someone committing a crime against you should be outside the law regarding criminal/civil prosecution.

If someone chooses to commit a crime, then they forfeit any legal protection for anything that happens to them during that time. 


How can burglars avoid being hurt?  — Don't commit crime. SIMPLE!!

Why is this idea important?

Law abiding, honest, hardworking British people feel that the law protects the criminal more than them.

The consequences are:

  1. Millions of honest, hardworking, british people are being considered criminals, or afraid of being considered criminals for wanting to protect their own families and property.
  2. To put the onus on the victim to show constraint when feeling or being threatened is unacceptable, and a complete waste of Police time and money top process and proesecute.
  3. Realising that they have no rights if they committ crime may be a deterrent and actually reduce petty criminal behaviour.

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