i suggest we should double the business rates, for empty properties. this should be done after lying empty for one month, the fact that there is nothing more depressing than empty shops on an area.there are far too many property owners and developers, just sitting on empty properties waiting for the market to pick-up.by taking this approach, it would follow that young people would get the chance to try out some brilliant ideas! that are out there. in plymouth where i live, whole areas are owned by the same people and they have been lying empty for years and totally neglected. they need a push in the right direction. diversity is the key!

Why is this idea important?

setting up a business is really difficult and cannot be built soley on hard work. by doubling business rates for empty properties incentives could be applied for start-ups, to let them get a foot on the ladder. its no good putting posters in shop fronts, to make it appear the it is not empty like the master plan  from plymouth city council.

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