To abolish the registration for tax and import/export tax on brand new business start ups until the second or third year of actual confirmed trading.

Why is this idea important?

The prospect of setting up in business is daunting enough without the interference of government who hold their hand out for tax the moment a company has been registered. This is ridiculous and stupid, it is a waste of time and money as brand new companies most likely will not have any income to start with anyway, other than a small amount of capital. It is very off putting for any prospective entrepreneur to start a business with all the paperwork and tax forms etc. being shoved at them not to mention the threatening behaviour of the HMRC's legal requirements. This would terrify even the most ardent of prospective businessmen and women. It is also hard enough to get started in business without having to face the prospect of importation/exportation tax as well, which is another bar to new business owners. Especially when you see the rates they charge, from some countries the rate can be as much as £135 per shipment. Give us a break guys and lets get this country up, running and prosperous and stop the constant charging for everything, at least until new businesses are making a decent profit!!!

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