For people who are short on the 40 year contributions for a full pension (due to very recent rule changes now only 30 years are needed) should be given the chance to buy back partly paid pension years to help them gain a full pension..

Why is this idea important?

The system being unfair because:

1) The change from 40 to 30 years was immediate in April this year unlike the state pension change for women from 60 to 65 which is being phased in over 5 years.

2) I have the understanding that a full year of contributions must be paid for the year to qualify so if you have paid say 11 months it still does not qualify.

3) If pension contributions paid in that year are not enough, no refund is offered, it is lost. Would this be allowed in the private sector?

4) The knowledge that you could buy back years was not known to the average working man until the invention of the internet and freedom of information act.

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