Promote radio braodcasting via internet (no cost in expensive new aerials), and businesses will start to make more internet wi-fi radios using cableless routers already in place in most househoolds. The added benefit is that you do not need Megahertz bandwidths to stream radio. You could also keep the exisitng FM transmitters for use in car radios.

Why is this idea important?

I live in the middle of Surrey – its my choice. I cannot receive satellite, Mobile phone signals or DAB. I do however receive FM radio loud and clear on all parts of my property. I sometimes receive DAB if I walk in the woods about a kilometer away and the quality is poor. When MW was overtaken by FM, it was superceded by a superior quality waveband and MW was not switched off. DAB is inferior to FM and there should be no reason to terminate FM. Local radio staions will be forced to expend large amounts of capital to 'upgrade'.

My idea is cheap, effective and most of the superstructure is in place. The quality of transmission is preserved.

Please do not force the installation of DAB only, I will lose the pleasure of music in my house and in my car.

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