Yes, the earth is getting warmer as we leave the last ice age behind us.

And only a fool would say that man has no effect on the climate.

But CO2 is not a toxic gas that is the enemy.

CO2  is the route to making huge profits and a way of raising taxes.

The real causes of global warming are many including solar activity, the earths position, vulcanism, etc,etc.

The human causes are mainly over population, deforsetation, and all polution.

Why is this idea important?

To save the plant we must take true account of the causes of any decline.

The CO2 band wagon has become a religion for some and an income stream for others. Look at the proffits made by Al Gore and co and other carbon traders.

If you don't want to cull the population, have another super world war, reduce your western way of life back to the stone age then you must address the actual problem.

CO2 is naturally occuring of which a small amount is attributed to man. Of that less than 2% comes from us in the uk. So if all the do-gooders reduced all of us to a subsistance lifestyle it would not make the slightest bit of difference to the rest of the world. I can't think of any country that would follow our leadership back into sackcloth and ashes. To do anything less is only to give lip service while retaining your comforts and eating meat.

We must stop the scorched earth policies and control excessive consumption and waste. Only zealots would delight in eliminating the western way of life.

We must use our science to live with the inevitable changes in the climate and thank your god that it is not golbal cooling as previously predicted by our illustious experts.

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