Seeing as the subject of cannabis law reform is possibly the most repeated single idea on this site, shouldn't it be an appropriate subject for Mr. Clegg to comment on next time he releases a new Home Page video response?

I would like to know whether there is any point in my continuing to champion the cause of freedom and liberty without prejudice for all, especially in the realm of cannabis use. If the hundreds of similar posts on this site have been noticed (and lets face it, it would be impossible not to notice them) then please indicate the governments position on this obviously highly regarded issue.

Why is this idea important?

This Idea's important because I am sure that the British public would appreciate Mr. Clegg's opinion about the massive social issue of cannabis legislative reform in the UK.

It's plainly obvious that this issue is among the most pressing social requirements for the government to reform in full, thereby releasing millions of their electorate to live life in the open and as proud law abiding citizens. It is simply no longer acceptable for the law to criminalise the cannabis user as the law is based in a history of lies, deceit and propaganda instead of any factual, rational or reasonable legitimacy.

It is no longer a secret that the "War On Drugs" was and is a result of skewed political agendas rather than having any basis what so ever in law. Millions of British citizens understand that there is no moral, ethical or scientific support for this outdated law. It spits in the eye of freedom and democracy while forcing cannabis users to live life as second class citizens despite the fact that they are otherwise law abiding and responsible adults.

Please give us the definitive view of government on this issue, Mr. Clegg, in your next broadcast video response.

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