The No Smoking laws as they stand can be counter business in leisure locations. I am thinking of pubs, bars and restaurants in particular. Market forces should decide whether a pub, or such establishmant, allows smoking or not. If a non-smoker wishes to drink or eat in a non-smoking environment then he/she is free to patronise such an establishment – the reverse is also true. How many pubs are very much down on turnover through this ban? We know that they are going out of business at an unprecedented rate for one reason or another and the non-smoking laws do not help.

Furthermore – the law that a self employed person cannot smoke in their own vehicle is ridiculous – nearly as silly as that same self employed person, working from a home office, not being able to smoke there either.

Why is this idea important?

This idea lets the market and common sense legislate rather than an over protective nanny state.

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