Make it quick and easy to cancel TV subscriptions. Equality!

Some small operators of TV satellite channels require subscribers to sign up for a minimum of 12 months. Some make cacellation difficult – 14 days written notice must be given for something that can be effected in 5 minutes. Notifications are "lost". When evetually acknowledged, requests to cancel are too late for this month. A viewer who starts cancelling after 12 months often ends up paying for 15.

None of this would be too bad if viewers were getting the package they signed up for, but under one sided contracts, viewers must sign up for 12 months but the broadcaster can drastically vary their content, removing flagship shows that were the main reason for signing up and gave every appearance of being permanent features.

The channels in question do not incur any equipment set up costs, simply the cost of processing a direct debit, usually 5-10 minutes time for an operator in a call centre.

The operators in question have atrack record of laying on attractive flagship shows and luring subscribers in, knowing full well that they cannot sustain the output, and without the restrictive clauses audience churn would be much higher.

Why is this idea important?

These contracts are fundamentally one-sided. While they exist the broadcasters will have little incentive to actually make the bulk of their programming attractive. The courts and Ofcom should not support sharp practice. Give citizens the right to cancel. 

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