I have to be 100% honest I use cannabis for pain releif as I find it lot more cheaper than getting medication on precription, also the drug doesn't cause as much hard as some precripted drugs being submitted by our G.P's and Hospitals.

Also I've found that taking certain medications have side affects but i also know side affects taken cannabis isn't a much bad taking it.

Why is this idea important?

It's completely sad that some one who smokes cannabis is arrested for silly small amounts and get taken to court, it's a completely waiste of coucil and tax payers money, I understand if someone who gets caught with a larger amount fair enought but if it's a silly amount, then it a waste of public spendin. If the government allowed cannabis they could authorise these cigarette's manafactors to make them, and the government would not only profit from cannabis but also cut down on waisting the public's spendings

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