Legalise cannabis and have a system similar to that of Holland. 

Why is this idea important?

Radical I know. But we only need to look at our forward thinking fellow europeans to realise that their system works better than ours. How much a year is spent on cannabis drug raids? when money could be raised through taxing it. Eradicating the criminalisation, making it much safer to obtain. We all know that alcohol is far more damaging to the system than cannabis. And yet people are still getting drunk on the streets causing anti social behavior and putting a strain on the nhs, causing family disputes etc. All people should have the right to choose to take cannabis in moderation. Most people who drink are aware of the risks, so why would it be so different? Surely treating users who are dependent on cannabis and are at risk with mental health, as a ill person as apposed to a criminal is better? 

Education would help stop the miss-use. 

I one day wish that my mother who sits at home with arthritis in great amounts of pain and distress, can one day smoke and relieve her worries and pain without being a criminal. 

Just as a side note, I'm female, 22, graduate from university in animation I have a steady job, a happy life great social life and I smoke often. I know when enough is enough. It needs to have this stigma taken away that its a very harmful drug. It can be a great stress reliever, it can help get your creative juices flowing, you appreciate life and art. Whats so wrong with that? 

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