As many have said before me if the government was to legalise the use of cannabis and make it taxable this would do many things crime would decrease saving money, new trade, new businesses (Amsterdam style coffee shops), jobs (Growing, shipping and selling) and most of all new income for the government to put towards the deflict budget.

I’m not very clever but even I know this isn’t going to add towards our countries already bad situation, yeah I agree at first it will be a little hard and new for some people but eventully it will turn out to be profitable.

Also the police waste loads of time with taking away a simple small amount away from the odd teenager when they can be on the streets actually preventing real crime instead of wasting time and from my point of view the more we get told not to do something the more we the younger people want to do it.

Lastly it’s a plant for gods sake it grows from the ground and so its a natural thing why make nature illegal?

P/s I have bad grammar and spelling so I apologize and I hope someone of importance reads this and thinks before making a decision.


Why is this idea important?

Two simple things

1) Profit is to made here

2) A decrease in drug related crime

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