All my thoughts and ideas I have already read in related posts so I shall just justify in the next section!

Why is this idea important?

I may smoke cannabis every day. I have a job. I do no harm . But I am sick and tired of having to deal with low level thugs who you cant trust. Who knows where the money goes too just to get a little bit of a herb wich is effectively harmless.

I recently went to Holland and if I did smoke cannabis in Britain it could have made me stop buying, as I would be frustrated how they have a system which is taxable, not criminel, social and mature while here in Britain we are effectively gifting this money to gangs and thugs.

I just hope we can lead the world again, not with our industry or machines but with common sense.

Its time for a change and its actually lifted my heart that the government may be listening. Please dont let us down!

Please please please, lets stop this madness! 

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